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Covid-19 Guidlines

During health emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic,

  • test of whole staff on regular basis.
  • During packing and moving employees should sit at least 6 ft away from each other.
  • Sanitising all the goods before packing
  • Sanitising all the good after delivery
Note : - 500 charges for sanitising


Our brave soldiers give there life at battle field for our safety and protect us from enemy.

So gati decided to give special concession for defence. We have regular clients of army,navy,marine and air force.proud to serve our brave worrier.

Get A Quote For Shift Your Vehicle And Consignment.

Gati Packers and movers: - Gati Packers and Movers in Delhi

Gati Packers and Movers: - Shifting from one place to another. It could be an irritating job itself. And the most important part of shifting is that the packing of the different materials as a result of its creation is certain that the objects to be shifted don't get broken throughout the moving method. We have a habit to perceive each want and need of our seller and render Gati the greatest Packers and movers services.

Gati packers and movers Delhi are often nerve-wracking. We've got a team of experienced professionals, gati movers and packers offer all types of relocation and packing services and Gati Packers and movers. Gati Packers and movers in Delhi offer associate degree arrangements of services that embody Gati packing services, workplace movers, residential movers, Gati logistics, Gati express.

Gati Movers and packers:- Gati movers and packers in Delhi

Gati Movers and packers are widely known Gati movers and packers in Delhi skillful experts in housing relocation within and outside from all well-known cities in India. Delhi is one of the more rapidly developing cities in India because thousands of peoples work here. And that calls for everyday needs of trustable and professional packers and movers and Gati cargo packers and movers Delhi.

Gati movers and packers in Delhi. Gati Home relocation is entirely a part of today's regularly moving and shifting. However, it may not be as simple as it sounds. Gati Relocation of Home demands an adequate amount of planning and organized layout to make hassle-free and smooth moves. The techniques of Home Relocation include Packing of commercial or household items, Loading, transporting to new places, unloading, and unpacking if needed. Gati Movers and Packers Delhi makes this hectic job easy.
The techniques of Home Relocation includes:

Packing of commercial or household items.

Loading And Unloding

Safe transportation of goods

Rearranging major items

Gati Movers and Packers Delhi makes this hectic job easy.

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Our Process

Easy direction for House Shifting

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    Submit Your Relocation Needs
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    You will get a confirmation call from our excutive
  • quote

    STEP : 3

    You will recieve a final quote after discussion
  • inventory

    STEP : 4

    Our Well trained professionals set footon for packing at your door step.
  • truck

    STEP : 5

    After packing our team will provide you an item list and bilty.And transportation process will start.
  • pay

    STEP : 6

    After payment we'll depacht your goods for destination.
  • home

    STEP : 7

    Arrival of goods at your end point. Unloading and re-arrenging of major items.
  • rating

    STEP : 8

    Checking your goods and feedback.

Gati courier in Delhi:- Gati express Delhi

Gati courier in Delhi is well-known packers and movers service provider in Gati express Delhi and a reliable source for office relocation and commercial moving services. Delhi is one of the rapidly growing industrial areas in India. Office relocation may not be as simple as Gati house shifting.

Gati Office relocation includes the shifting of the whole system to a new location in an ordered state. The procedures of office moving begin with a consideration of all aspects of the project involve schedules, supply, scope, and budget. We pack and move each item as well as office supplies, official desks, furniture, files, and even large machinery.

Gati transport in Delhi:- Gati cargo Delhi

Gati transport in Delhi area unit victimization good mode of transportation like tiny & serious trucks, tailors, pack trucks and Gati bike carriers. Gati cargo Delhi tends to transport bikes by providing specially lined bike trailers, everywhere in India. Gati transport in Delhi provides complete DOOR-TO-DOOR Gati transport services in Delhi, be it from one town to a different or maybe from one street to a different.

Gati transport in Delhi offers dependable bike shifting services that are units designed to move your motorbike to the required destination in the safest approach. We tend to use specially lined automobile trailers and pack trucks particularly designed for the safe carriage and transport of motorbike. whereas giving Gati bike transport in Delhi and trailer transport services, Gati logistics tend to take each potential care to confirm the protection of your vehicle.

  • The affordable quotes Gati cargo provide are on these bases which are given below:
  • •Area, roads, hairpin/bobby pin (mountain's road), and distance.

    Vehicle which will transport our customer's car with care. (open/close container).

    Parking charges (depends on customer need).

    Separated bike transport service.

    Packing and packing material

    Toll tax. • G.S.T

    Gati packers and movers in Delhi charges list

    Shifting Type In Delhi Prices of Local Home Shifting Cost of Within city Shifting
    1 BHK house shifting ₹ 4,000 - 9,000 ₹ 7,000 - 25,000
    2 BHK house shifting ₹ 7,000 - 16,000 ₹ 12,000 - 23,000
    3 BHK house shifting ₹ 9,000 - 19,000 ₹ 16,000 - 35,000
    4 BHK house shifting ₹ 11,000 - 24,000 ₹ 25,000 - 70,000
    5 BHK house shifting ₹ 12,000 - 35,000 ₹ 30,000 – 80,000
    Corporate Office shifting ₹ 8,000 – 90,000 ₹9,000 - 90,000

    Hassle-free relocation by your trusted packers and movers in Delhi:

    People experience it really hard when it comes to shifting all their household goods from one city to another. When it comes to shifting from a country to another which is a very hectic job there is no doubt of panic. Gati cargo packers and movers mean you will have to deal with lots of paperwork, custom rules and regulations, language barriers, global security standards, and the need for well-timed and good coordination

    Well are here to serve the people whomsoever are relocating to Foreign countries. We are the prime Gati express packers and movers in Delhi and help you with trouble-free handling and stress-free shifting. Also, we come up with all kinds of goods industrial and household goods relocation solutions based on the customer demands and needs.

    Gati cargo packers and movers in Delhi provide international relocation like overseas home shifting, abroad office shifting, bike or scooter shifting, Gati car shifting, etc with our long-run experience in the packers and movers segment.

    Gati Relocation movers and packers Delhi:

    With the increase in development and technological advancement in industries, Gati relocation movers and packers is highly in demand these days. Often seen as an intimidating task. Office relocation’s if planned properly can be carried out evenly.

    Gati packers and movers help in office relocation and stand as the best relocation service provider in Delhi just like your household goods shifting needs detailed analysis shifting your office too needs a comprehensive eye to take care of your valuable office items.

    Gati relocation packers and movers Delhi offers a full study of your office belongings while you relocate your office hassle-free

    Gati relocation packers and movers Delhi offers a full study of your office belongings while you relocate your office hassle-free

    Gati movers and packers ensure that your office whim-wham is easily detectable. When you are unpacking.

    Our timely services also ensure that you lose fewer working hours due to your office shifting.

    Your business functions get slightest impacted while we take on your office relocation with Gati relocation packers and movers well trained and expertise.

    So we offer time Office relocation services in Delhi.

    Gati Domestic relocation services in Delhi:

    With our complete Gati domestic packing and moving Delhi make packing and moving an inconvenience procedure for you. Gati packers and movers staff are all well trained to cover even the most difficult moving challenges.

    Our skillful team will check that all your goods and stuff are handled with care and transported safely to the destination. We render affordable quotation choices and tips on moving goods.

    The door-to-door customized relocation services.

    Our well-trained and professionals packers to pack your goods.

    Carefully unpacking and rearranging major items like fridge, washing machine, bed, furniture, etc.

    We provide the best quality packing materials

    Safe and protected transfer of your goods at a separate journey’s end.

    Every step carried out under best supervision.

    Gati Self-storage or warehousing service in Delhi

    Gati self-storage facility refers to the activities which are involved in storing precious household items, commercial goods, and industrially manufactured items in the most convenient and organized way and available at the time of need.

    The need for Gati commercial warehousing service or Gati self-storage in Delhi arises when there is a gap between manufacturing and consumption of goods.

    Also, Warehouses are usually used by exporters, wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, distribution agencies as well as particular clients.

    Nevertheless, there is other importance of renting Gati self-storage services such as storing fragile goods, art pieces as well as other things for future display.

    Also, there are services for in-transit storage of goods. Such kind of boarded warehousing services is short-term storage of goods. Which is required most of the time while transporting the consignment.

    While shifting, one of the biggest concerns for people or corporates is how to store the goods safely and secured and where? This point comes especially when you are planning to move to another place or there is some time gap between.

    Gati self-storage facility in Delhi provides supreme storage services with a highly secured warehouse that can store your commercial or household goods safely.

    Gati packers and movers provide a safe and secure storage facility in Delhi at very affordable prices.

    Benefits of self-storage services by your trusted partner:

    Gati Warehousing offers a secure facility for the storage of goods for commercial needs when supply overreaches the demand. At the time of need, stored goods are immediately available to the customer.

    The warehousing facility also provides a receipt to the owner of the custodial goods. Many modern warehouses offer the facility of packing, processing, grading, blending, and other goods ready to be sold out.

    Many warehouses provide facilities for prospective buyers to inspect goods stored at the warehouse. Storing imported goods in the bonded warehouses allows a businessman to pay customs duty in installments.

    Gati Car transportation - Gati Car transport in Delhi

    Car transportation services by Gati in Delhi are the best option for you or your family when commitment and greater care are required. Our skillful experts will take good care of the vehicle right from the loading to unloading. Bike Transport In Delhi Hiring Gati bike transportation service from our company is affordable and trustable by all involving those who manage budget confinement for transportation. By hiring Gati Car transport in Delhi, bike moving services, you are stress relief for sure as your vehicle will reach the destination, secured and unharmed.

    Delhi Gati packers and movers charges for within city shifting

    The moving cost charged by the Gati movers and packers Delhi for Within city relocation depends on various cost-affecting factors such as the city you are shifting to, the distance between the two cities, the size of the move, car transportation, and others. Check out below the standard rates and charges of Gati packers and movers in Delhi for both residential, office and vehicle domestic shifting.

    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Delhi moving charges ₹ 6,500 – 30,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Mumbai moving charges ₹ 7,500 – 40,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Bangalore moving charges ₹ 10,000 – 50,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Kolkata moving charges ₹ 9,500 – 48,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Ahmedabad moving charges ₹ 9,500 – 40,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Chennai moving charges ₹ 12,300 – 50,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Hyderabad moving charges ₹ 11,500 – 45,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Pune moving charges ₹ 8,000 – 40,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Surat moving charges ₹ 9,000 – 45,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Indore moving charges ₹ 9,500 – 40,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Patna moving charges ₹ 10,500 – 40,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Bhopal moving charges ₹ 10,300 – 48,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Jaipur moving charges ₹ 10,400 – 45,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Nagpur moving charges ₹ 12,500 – 50,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Lucknow moving charges ₹ 9,000 – 45,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Faridabad moving charge ₹ 8,500 – 45,000
    • Gati packers and movers Delhi to Chandigarh moving charges ₹ 9,500 – 50,000

    Estimated Gati packers and movers Delhi to Hyderabad Charges & Rates

    The approximate distance between Delhi and Hyderabad is 1,600 kilometers. Below are the approx. packers and movers charges for Delhi to Hyderabad shifting -

    • Some household items shifting - ₹ 6,000 to ₹ 14,000
    • Complete household Goods shifting - ₹ 13,000 to ₹ 40,500
    • 1 BHK household Goods shifting Charges from Delhi to Hyderabad - ₹ 12,000 to ₹ 22,000
    • 2 BHK household shifting Charges from Delhi to Hyderabad - ₹ 13,000 to ₹ 32,000
    • 2-3 BHK household shifting Charges from Delhi to Hyderabad - ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 33,000
    • 3 BHK household shifting Charges from Delhi to Hyderabad - ₹ 22,000 to ₹ 36,000
    • 4 household shifting Charges from Delhi to Hyderabad - ₹ 28,000 to ₹ 39,000
    • 5 BHK / Villa household shifting Charges from Delhi to Hyderabad - ₹ 32,000 to ₹ 55,000
    • Few office items shifting Charges from Delhi to Hyderabad - ₹ 11,000 to ₹ 24,000
    • Complete household shifting & car transport from Delhi to Hyderabad - ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 50,000
    • Complete Office Items relocation Charges from Delhi to Hyderabad - ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 42,000
    • Movers and Packers Delhi prices for few office items shifting - 16,000 - 34,000
    • Car relocation Charges from Delhi to Hyderabad - ₹ 6,000 to ₹ 13,000

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    • client pic

      Yaman Verma

      star star star star star
      26 days ago

      I felt annoyed from the day they packed the items accordingly no one is giving the instructions about anything they seems very busy but when my belongings arrive at my new place they were unharmed and safe.but the point is i have only one day to relocate and they actually did that in time. Best Gati Movers And Packers In Delhi

      posted on Google
    • client pic

      Rohit Nishad

      star star star star star
      26 days ago

      professionals, punctuality,honest, responsive and quality. They are very punctual.they packed my bike Lucknow toh delhi.they inform me that it will be deliver by tomorrow they did it.worth for the money. Thanks Gati Movers and packers

      posted on Google
    • client pic

      Sumit pahwa

      star star star star star
      26 days ago

      thankyou sir ap sabney mera stress khatam krdia apne 3 din ka time lia or 3 din mai mujhe delhi se bombay mai move kia meri cheezey bilkul sahi rahi packing ka kaam acha kia thankyou soo much in future khi relocate krna pada to contact krunga. Best Gati Packers Services

      posted on Google
    • client pic

      Devesh Gupta

      star star star star star
      26 days ago

      Gati Packers great staff they were very polite and skillfull not a single scratch on my things.

      posted on Google
    • client pic

      Aayushi Kaicker

      star star star star star
      26 days ago

      We are very happy with this team work, I am Very satisfied with their work. people Came on time, packed everything safely. Drove safely as well, they were careful with my belongings. Set it up in the new room as well. Great service from start to end, and decently affordable. Special thanks Gati Movers Team.

      posted on Google
    • client pic

      Mayank Chawla

      star star star star star
      26 days ago

      sir thanks a lot sir maza agya samaan shi se phocha dia time se agey yaad krunga jb kaam aaega toh.thankyou sir ji.

      posted on Google
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    Frequently Asked Questions - Gati packers and movers Delhi

    How do you fix the cost for home shifting Sevice By Gati Packers and movers?

    The pricing be based on the following factors which are total items to be relocating, total distance to be covered. long distance shifting fee is more than short distance, labour charges, Packing cost, unpacking cost, rearranging charges, insurance, G.S.T, toll tax.

    Shoud i book different agencies for gati movers and packers, or one company for both paking and moving?

    It is heavily recommend to book only one company for both moving and packing.this ensure 100% responsibility of that one company whose transporting your goods with safety.with separate companies for moving and packing, in case any goods damaged during the transportation . neither of these company will take the responsibility for the damage.

    Is there any conditions which delay delivery by gati packers?

    we try to do our best to deliver our clients goods on time as we mentioned. but in some case there are conditions which delays delivery which are Traffic jam, Accidental road blocking, Mechanical issue with goods carreir vehicle etc.

    What if my goods got damaged during transportation?

    In case of breaking or damaging your goods during transportation you will get claim of current market value of your goods through insurance documents.

    How can i find out fraud gati packers and movers company in delhi ncr?

    Moving scam or fraud done by fraud packers and movers may be a rare incidence. There ar a really few cases of fraud done by moving corporations. however you can not fully ignore the existence of dishonest or unwelcome person moving corporations. Generally, they lure innocent customers by giving lowest worth estimates and later demand for extra money before creating delivery of belongings. you want to not get unfree into like fraud service supplier. There are sure ways that through which you'll find a rapscallion public mover and shield yourself from obtaining scammed. the foremost vital factor you would like to try to to is substantiative genuineness, credibleness and credibleness of packers and movers.Visit their offices in person for a similar. raise your movers regarding their name, experience, and genuineness terribly candidly. don't hesitate. raise them to indicate you theirs company registration certificate, license certificate, GST registration certificate and different documents that will prove them to be legitimate relocation service suppliers. Thereafter, raise movers for his or her previous customers. Don’t forget to see to it a similar.

    Do I need to do anything to prepare for the packing day?

    expert team of movers can watch out of everything on the day. Prior to their arrival: Dispose of any things you are doing not would like to require with you, Clear out the garage, attic and basement, Disconnect and melt refrigerators and freezers, Drain washer, Remove fixtures and fittings from walls, Thoroughly clean all out of doors instrumentality. Remember to stay separate any things you may ought to take with you once traveling, together with passports, money, travel documents, vital work, jewelry, valuables and suitcases.

    Can i pack any of my possessions myself?

    Forsecurityreasons, several corporations not settle for shipments that are packed by the owner. In addition, any injury incurred to things you packed yourself might not be lined by transit insurance.We powerfully advise that you simply allow us to pack all of your home items and private effects. All our employees ar professionally trained and have years of expertise of packing people's precious product.

    Will the packing crew use original materials for my appliances or large items?

    If you have any of the original cartons and packing materials for your appliances make sure that you inform your team head. He/she will check the materials to determine whether your items will be safer using these or our own specialized materials.

    About Us

    Rehousing packers and movers

    Packers and movers is found in 1997.since then we serving our clients in a best ways . We are inspired by the optimism of the internet era, proudly take credit to be the pioneers in developing end-to-end online packing and relocating services, right from the survey of your transportation goods to the quote generation and payment facilitation to delivery.


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    Gati House Shifting Offices In Delhi

    • Gati packers and movers Dawarka Office

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    • Packers and movers In Delhi

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      Address :- Samaspur Rd, Block F, Pandav Nagar, MAYUR VIHAR, Delhi 110091
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